Millions of Americans have been hospitalized due to COVID.  Sadly, we’ve seen over 500k, COVID related deaths.  Most of these people died in hospitals alone.  Their family and friends weren’t allowed to be by thier side as they were suffering!  

America’s #1 Patient Advocate Coach and founder of National Patients’ Rights Week has the must read patient advocate book.  

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a Few of the Topics Covered

Topic One

In medical care, what you don't know can hurt you. Learn what you need to know!

Topic Two

Before you visit your doctor or particpate in a virtual appointment or care morning care visit, you must be prepared.

Topic Three

Every person (with no exceptions) needs to have someone to advocate for them when receiving medical care. Learn how to get or become your own advocate!

Topic Four

You must be proactive with your health. The less medical care you need, the less likely you'll have to deal with medical error.

#1 COVID Patient Advocate Book

Medical error is the 4th leading cause of death.  Prior to COVID, it was the 3rd leading cause.  Americans had problems with their healthcare system before the COVID pandemic.   Learn how to speak out on behalf of you and/or your loved ones from America’s #1 Patient Advocate Coach!

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Author spotlight

Imagine waking up every morning and wondering why GOD even bothered to open your eyes.  After the death of KJ (Taajah’s only child) due to sepsis and medical incompetence, this is how she felt.  One day, she realized that her calling was to do her part to ensure that no other parent would have to experience loss due to medical malpractice.  

After penning The Dumb Patient Meets COVID, Taajah also founded National Patient Rights Week.   We celebrate these overlooked rights on May 13-19th of every year.  ‘It’s unbelievable that we’ve ignored something so simple for centuries.  No longer,’ says Taajah! 


Professional Thoughts

Educating our patients empowers them to advocate for themselves and their loved ones. When the family advocates for their loved one, they turn ‘what is’ into ‘what should be’’.

Dr. Toya Kelly, MD

In a January 15th, 2021 article in written by Doriella Pacheco and reviewed by Dr. Dimitriu, it was stated that 25-50% of people with ADHD experience sleep problems from insomnia to other sleep conditions. These articles and more support my position that all children being considered to have ADHD or ADD be tested for sleep disorders before any treatment is instituted. 

‘I’m a nurse of 22 years, but also primary caregiver for my 85 y/o Mom. The past year brought many major health issues for her. Restrictions instituted by the medical field due to COVID have limited and sometimes practically denied her access to necessary care.’

Cheryl Hill, Licensed Pratical Nurse

‘A person won’t care how much you know until you show how much you care.’


Conway Ferguson, EMT

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